You know how it is. You’re working on a website.

You need to get something done:

  • Implement image thumbnailing.
  • Find a good reporting tool.
  • Install an SSL certificate into Apache.
  • Find a great JavaScript charts library.
  • Integrate with Twitter … and Facebook.


Sometimes you get the info you need first try. You turn to Google, and you hit gold, first time.

But how often does that happen? More often, you’ll probably read 3, 5, 10 web pages or more before you’ve got an answer you’re confident in. You trawl through threads. Dodging out-of-date info, flashing ads, bad guesses, vendor hype and mountains of unsummarized, sprawling, badly formatted text. Searching for the gold…

It’s fun – sort of. It also can be time consuming and frustrating.

On Smart Web Developer I’m aiming to provide more of the “finding gold” experience. Let me know how I’m doing. If you have something to add to an article, please comment. If you’re drawn to contribute more deeply, please get in touch – there’s a comment form below.

Tasman Hayes

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  1. Charlea says:

    Hi, I have a question about attaching an external monitor to a MacBook Air. Can you email me? Thanks!

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