PHP 5.4 Alpha Released

An alpha version of PHP 5.4 has been released to the public on PHP 5.4 alpha 2 is available for download from The PHP 5.4 alpha was first released 26 June 2011. The proposed release date for PHP 5.4 … Continue reading

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Add the Google +1 Button to a WordPress Blog in 2 Minutes

Google has introduced its ‘+1‘ button. The Google Plus One button can help get more traffic to your website. This article gives the exact steps to get a Google Plus One button on your WordPress blog in two minutes. Why … Continue reading

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Twitter is Over Capacity – The Fail Whale Rides Again

“Twitter is over capacity” – yes. Twitter’s got troubles. The Fail Whale rides again! The Twitter’s status page reports for around 9:45am Pacific time on May 5 2011: We are currently experiencing elevated error rates. There may be intermittent issues … Continue reading

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PHP 6: Features, Release Date, Hosting and Download

This article covers PHP 6, including the status of its development, features, release date and download. There’s a section on each topic below. Links to PHP downloads and source code are included. I’ve updated this article to include the effects … Continue reading

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Select Form Buttons in CSS – Techniques with Examples

This article covers two ways, the easy and the advanced way to select a button or buttons in a form with CSS. We give example HTML and CSS for each technique to select a form button or form buttons. The … Continue reading

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Where are the Apache Configuration files on Mac? – httpd.conf

Here’s where to find httpd.conf on Mac. This is the httpd.conf location on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. This article also shows how to make the httpd.conf directory visible in the Mac Finder. … Continue reading

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How to Change a Mac’s Name in Four Clicks

Changing a Mac’s name is easy. Here’s how to change a Mac’s computer name is four clicks. A Mac name change will affect the name that other computers see when they’re browsing the local network. I’ve tested this method on … Continue reading

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How to Get the Size of a Postgres Table

To get a Postgres table’s size, run the following SQL. Size here means how much space the table’s data takes up on disk or SSD. The size is returned in an easy-to-read form, e.g. “865 MB” or “12 kB” – … Continue reading

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Httpd.conf – What’s its Location on Ubuntu?

Here’s where to find the Apache 2 web server configuration file httpd.conf on Ubuntu. Did you know that on Ubuntu, the main Apache configuration file is not httpd.conf? The main Apache config file is actually apache2.conf. When Apache 2 reads … Continue reading

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The Easiest Way to Take a Webpage Screenshot

Do want to take a screenshot of an entire webpage, not just the part the webpage that fits on screen? This article describes how to take a full webpage screenshot using free software. This method will take a screenshot of … Continue reading

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