Mac Moves to PHP 5.3.6 With Release of OS X Lion

With Apple‘s release of OS X Lion, the bundled version of PHP has been updated to PHP 5.3.6, the very latest production version of PHP. PHP 5.3 includes features like: namespaces, lambda funtions, late static binding, and a native mysql … Continue reading

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PHP 5.4 Alpha Released

An alpha version of PHP 5.4 has been released to the public on PHP 5.4 alpha 2 is available for download from The PHP 5.4 alpha was first released 26 June 2011. The proposed release date for PHP 5.4 … Continue reading

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PHP 6: Features, Release Date, Hosting and Download

This article covers PHP 6, including the status of its development, features, release date and download. There’s a section on each topic below. Links to PHP downloads and source code are included. I’ve updated this article to include the effects … Continue reading

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Install the PHP DOM Extension on CentOS – the Easiest Way

Here we cover the fastest, most effective way to get the PHP DOM extension installed on CentOS. If you’ve just found out you need to install this extension, but don’t really know what it is, we’ve included some background first. … Continue reading

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