How I Host My Websites for 9 Cents per Month Each

My website hosting costs an average of 9 cents per month for each of my websites. Over time, this rather affordable web hosting has really proven itself. One of my sites,, had over 40,000 visits in the last month.’s web pages load quickly and the site is always up.

This site,, is also on the same web hosting plan. How does Smart Web Developer website work for you? Does it seem pretty responsive?

For my monthly nine cents per site, I also get 24 hour, 7 day a week telephone support from very helpful, knowledgable people in the U.S.

My Web Hosting Experiences

Over my time as a professional web developer, I’ve had both good and bad experiences with web hosting.

I’ve worked on websites on web servers running at fifteen different web hosting companies. The monthly hosting fees ran from tens of dollars a month to tens of thousands of dollars a month.

The team at my workplace provides business class web hosting in Australia to substantial businesses, such as online insurance and brands you’d recognise. I buy my own web hosting still to keep my personal websites separate from my work, and because web servers in the U.S. are better for my needs.

From this experience, I’ve gotten pretty good at spotting the best web hosting. I’ve found a good deal with a solid hosting provider that’s very good value.

Web Hosting Review – Questions

It takes quite a bit of time to write a web hosting review. There’s a lot of questions to answer to give people a real review, warts and all:

  • How are the website host’s facilities?
  • How has the uptime been?
  • What’s the quality of support?
  • What’s the security like?
  • Have there been any glitches with the web hosting?
  • How does this shared hosting compare with a virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated hosting?

Some people change web hosting five times before they find one that works for them. Moving a website can be painful – often there’s technical work to get the site working on its new webserver. It’s best to research your potential web host upfront to get the best chance of a good match, so you can avoid time, cost and hassle of moving to another web hosting provider later.

I want to write a complete article to give you the information to discern whether they’re a good company for your needs.

At this stage, I’m measuring interest in a review. Are you interested to learn more about my web hosting experiences? If so, leave a quick comment below. Your interest gives me energy to write the review!

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4 Responses to How I Host My Websites for 9 Cents per Month Each

  1. Bill W says:

    I just found your site when looking into transitioning my websites to Lion, your is one of the few that addresses Apache & PHP in the new OS. It’s great.

    I am also interested in your web hosting experience. I am contemplating moving from my own box, where I pay too much for a T-1 at my office, to a hosted solution for probably a lot less per month.

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