WordPress Twenty Ten 1.2 to 1.3 – What’s Changed?

Twenty Ten was the default visual theme for WordPress 3, until it was replaced by the Twenty Eleven theme. About the same time of the release of WordPress 3.3 in December 2011, the Twenty Ten 1.3 upgrade became available. WordPress offers to update TwentyTen … Continue reading

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Chrome vs Chromium – What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between Chrome and Chromium? Well, Chromium is the open source part of Chrome, released to open source by Google in 2008. Chromium is available as a standalone browser. Google’s Chrome browser uses the code from Chromium, and … Continue reading

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HTML for the Euro (€) – Best Practices

What is the HTML for the Euro? What’s the best way to write the Euro in HTML? Here’s the best HTML for the Euro symbol, tested with all major web browsers. This HTML code works in both HTML and XHTML. … Continue reading

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How Much Does a Website Cost?

How much does a website cost? Real world website costs vary from free to millions of dollars. The price will depend on whether you want a basic informational site, how many pages are need, how many different page layouts, is … Continue reading

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Link Building & Paid Links – Can Google Detect Them?

Backlinks – the links to your site from other sites – are regarded as the most important factor in how well a site ranks in Google. There are many paid link building services, as well as services to rent links. … Continue reading

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Google Analytics Real-Time: Features, Uses, Get Access

In this article, read about Real-Time Google Analytics’ features, uses, and find out how to get access. See video of Real Time Analytics at work. “Real-Time” is a new feature of Google Analytics launched September 29, 2011. If you haven’t seen Google Analytics before, … Continue reading

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How I Host My Websites for 9 Cents per Month Each

My website hosting costs an average of 9 cents per month for each of my websites. Over time, this rather affordable web hosting has really proven itself. One of my sites, MacCrazy.com, had over 40,000 visits in the last month. … Continue reading

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2011 MacBook Air – Web Developer’s Dream Rig?

Apple has released new 2011 MacBook Air models, sporting zippy Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, fast flash storage instead hard disks, and the capacity to drive large external displays. Are these ultra thin and light a web developer’s dream … Continue reading

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Mac Moves to PHP 5.3.6 With Release of OS X Lion

With Apple‘s release of OS X Lion, the bundled version of PHP has been updated to PHP 5.3.6, the very latest production version of PHP. PHP 5.3 includes features like: namespaces, lambda funtions, late static binding, and a native mysql … Continue reading

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Mac OS X Lion: Useful Features, Compatibility, Upgrade Requirements, Install Time

Mac OS X 10.7, codenamed Lion was released on 20 July 2011. I’ve just upgraded my MacBook Air to Lion. Lion is … quite a lot of awesomeness bundled together. Useful Features of Lion Here’s some I love about Lion and … Continue reading

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